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5 of the Best Places to Get Ahi Poke on Maui

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Did you know that pokÄ“ is the Hawaiian verb for “section” or “to slice or cut”? True to its name, ahi poke is a traditional Hawaiian food prepared with raw yellowfin tuna that’s been diced into cubes. A traditional poke recipe calls for seasonings like soy sauce, green onions, and sesame oil but can include other ingredients such as fresh avocado or chopped chilis. And while there are various styles of Hawaiian poke, like spicy salmon and octopus, ahi is by far the most popular poke on the islands. Here are some of our favorite places to enjoy this famous dish.

Where to Find the Best Ahi Poke on Maui

1. Takamiya Market

Takamiya Market is a family-run market that’s tucked away in Happy Valley, a quiet neighborhood in Wailuku. It’s a popular spot for groceries, prepared foods, and Hawaiian delicacies like hand-rolled sushi and pickled vegetables. Takamiya also boasts some of the freshest poke on the island – especially the salt ahi and spicy octopus varieties. You’ll feel like a local after just one bite!

2. Tamura’s Express Market

Located just one mile from our inn, Tamura’s Express Market was voted the “Best Place for Poke” in the Hawaii Magazine Reader’s Choice Awards. This market uses only fresh ahi from the Honolulu Fish Auction, and their award-winning poke bar delights seafood lovers from across the globe. Here, diners can create their own poke bowls and add ingredients like shrimp tempura, Kalua pork, garlic chicken, and much more.

3. Poke Hale Grindz

Open daily from 6 a.m. to 7 p.m., Poke Hale Grindz serves up custom, made-to-order poke that will knock your sandals off. The store uses fresh, never frozen fish that can be tossed with ingredients like tobiko, mayo, chili pepper, or peanut butter. A vegetarian taro root poke is also available. Be sure to check out their daily lunch specials and convenience items.

4. Like Poke?

Like Poke? is a popular food truck that’s usually parked in a lot off of Haleakala Highway. This lunch wagon uses fresh, local fish procured from area fishermen. The tuna is chopped and chunked, mixed with green and white onions, and transformed with ginger, wasabi, or lime, per your request. The platter even comes with two round snowballs of rice. Yum!

Local Tip: The food truck shows up around 10 a.m. and can be sold out as quickly as 11 a.m. Get there early and grab your ahi poke to go!

5. Foodland

This may come as a shock, but Maui locals frequently recommend Foodland as a must-try for poke. Most of the island’s grocery stores (including Costco) have a poke bar, but Foodland’s is the best. There are 20+ varieties to choose from and you can request small containers to try different kinds. Feel free to ask for a sample!

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