Charm of the Inn

Built by a wealthy island banker as a wedding gift for his daughter-in-law, the "Queen" of historic Wailuku homes was lovingly restored by her island-born and raised proprietors.
It has been named the Old Wailuku Inn at Ulupono and, down to the smallest detail, it represents 1920's Hawai'i at its very best, intertwined with the conveniences and luxuries modern travelers expect. The overall theme of the inn and its impeccably landscaped grounds pay tribute to Hawai'i's poet laureate of the 1920's and '30s, Don Blanding.
Each of the ten distinctive guest rooms is dedicated to one of the flowers in his "Old Hawaiian Garden". Hawaiian quilts, in the design of each room's flower, set each room apart.

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Don Blanding

Vagabond Poet Laureate of Hawaii

To know Don Blanding's life is to understand why he is called the vagabond poet.

Born in Oklahoma at the turn of the century, he spent his first ears in the restless frontier country and at the age of 15 started his wanderings that never let him stay more than two years in one place. He has stared in Grand opera, worked in hay fields, drawn newspaper cartoons, managed a little theater, painted fences one week and dowagers the next- in Paris, Chicago, Hollywood, Honolulu and numerous points in between. But he is most noted for being the Poet Laureate of Hawai'i of the 1920-1940's. He is credited for creating much of the allure of Hawai'i through his poetry, columns and artwork.

He has always loved the life of the Hawaiian Islands, where he returned again and again. In Hawai'i by good luck he changed his artist's career to the dual one of Artist, Author and Columnist. His Hawai'i experiences have provided him with much of the material in his books from the "Vagabond's House"(1928) to "Hawaii Says Aloha", and the 17 volumes between.

Seven seas are to sail my ship
To the ends of the earth.beyond;
Drifters' gold is for me to spend
For I am a vagabond
Don Blanding

he Vagabond poet captures the "spirit" of the era of our historic home perfectly. Don's My Hawaiian Garden and Flowers of the Rainbow gave us the decorating scheme for the interiors and provided the concept for the landscape plans.

Won't you drop in and see
This garden that belongs to me.
Don Blanding
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Don Blanding in a Clip from 1930’s Hawaii Travelogue


The Old Wailuku Inn at Ulupono   2199 Kaho'okele Street Wailuku, Maui, Hawai'i 96793