Maui B and B - When you look back on your life, what moments will you treasure most?

Are you celebrating life or just living it? Don't Miss Maui B and B

Just imagine the house you'll be staying in where every room of the Maui B and B looks like a different flower from their fragrant garden. Hana Maui is a remote area of the island where the beaches sprawl across crystal clear bays and with the best bed and breakfast Maui has to offer. Instead of railroad crossing signs you'll see baby pig crossing signs and spend your nights dancing at delicious luaus to the Maui setting sun. And when you return from your Maui vacation, you'll be ready to face the world with a smile.

If you had to get to a Maui B and B to save a friend, could you make it there?

Well, it's time to save yourself. With the stress of the economy and increased pressures from our busy lifestyles, now more than ever is the time to escape for a week to a Maui bed and breakfast. Hawaii is a dream vacation spot, but Maui is the best big island in Hawaii. A Maui bed and breakfast will lift you out of the crazy rat race into a paradise that you'll never forget. They say if you don't hoot and holler once in a while by choice, you'll hoot and holler to a therapist later. So hoot, holler and release some steam at a Maui B and B.

Maui B and B
The Old Wailuku Inn at Ulupono
808-244-5897 or 800-305-4899
2199 Kaho'okele Street
Wailuku,Maui,Hawaii 96793
Maui B and B

The Old Wailuku Inn at Ulupono   2199 Kaho'okele Street Wailuku, Maui, Hawai'i 96793